Dominic DiMaria
Feature film and commercial writer, director, and producer in Los Angeles.


Dominic DiMaria is a commercial and narrative writer and director from Flagstaff, AZ. With a keen sense of contrast, Dominic excels at bringing a cinematic presence to all the projects he writes and directs, even the most commercial of jobs. His spec screenplays currently on the market communicate his diversity and depth as a writer, as well as his sensibilities as a storyteller.



LOGLINE: An Italian espresso salesman turned silver prospector and an ex-slave turned fur trapper must enlist the help of Nikola Tesla to repel an alien invasion in the year 1893. 

CRITICS COMMENTS: "There's some original comedic relief that comes through the scenarios of the premise, but also the dialogue and action throughout. The time period juxtaposed with the concept is funny from the logline alone and that will definitely garner some solid attention from industry readers... The script is an enjoyable read overall with a fast pace." -The Black List

"The script is extremely original, and mixes a variety of historical elements in a unique manner. The idea of including an Italian, an ex-slave, and a heroic Native American in a sort-of western is refreshing and unlike any other script in existence." -The Black List



LOGLINE: The mysterious Traveler Soren is sent on a journey to a terrestrial dimension with a mission that will turn this new world, and the lives of everybody in it, upside down. STAR TREK meets LORD OF THE RINGS in this adaptation of the first installment in the popular novel series.

CRITICS COMMENTS: "This is a premise with a lot of potential thanks to a wholly original concept with an unexplored world and characters... The writer has also incorporated timely and current themes relating to faith for Soren, and income-inequality and feminism for Adna in the city. Adna has the potential to become a strong female protagonist in the series, something which all networks and audiences are seeking in today’s marketplace...  This story has potential to enthrall and excite young viewers and fantasy lovers alike." -The Black List

Spec episodes for current series available upon request.


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